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Welcome to Hoffmantown Shoe & Boot Repair, LLC

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We will make your old shoes and boots look like new again.

A pair of boots that are broke in properly usually fit like a glove. You can stomp around in them all day without getting sore feet or a blister. So when they start to fall apart, it's never good news. Suddenly, you'll have to fork out a bunch of cash for a new pair, and expect to have some wear and tear on your feet while breaking them in. If only there was a way to extend the life of the old ones.

Hoffmantown Shoe & Boot Repair, LLC can fix that foot gear.

When you bring in your favorite shoes or boots to us at Hoffmantown Shoe & Boot Repair, LLC we will fix them up for you as good as new. Whether they need soles replacing or just some stitches, We are the experts at repairing and saving you money. We will save you money by keeping you out of the shopping mall and in those shoes that you've come to love.

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